Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello Everybody!!!

This is Veronica here! I am in the midst of a wonderful visit to Sarah at Christendom trying to fufill a promise I made to update Sarah's blog while I was here...

The long awaited pictures:

Hair-do's! (One of Sarah's many occupations)

Beautiful braid for Medieval Fest

Southern belle do for Halloween Dance

Many Maidens at Medival Fest!

Sarah dressed as Guess Who?? and Bridget dressed as Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) for the Halloween Dance!

Enjoy the update! =)

Many Blessings to you all. Sarah says hello!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I found in my comments this morning...

you need to post something there has to be something that is happening there.
--mary kate


Ah yes, Mary Kate, and all the others who are wondering what I'm doing and why on earth I haven't posted in awhile: there is something happening here! A lot of somethings happening!

In a nutshell:
Last week I played with the Freshmen/Junior team for Powder Puff, so we had practices every day. Even though we didn't win the game (the Seniors were just too fast this year :), we had a lot of fun and I got to meet several juniors whom I didn't yet know.

Over the weekend I received personal invitations to join The Chestor-Belloc Debate Society and The Palestrina Choir (a special choir in addition to the college choir).

In addition, I have four tests coming up next week and I know they won't be easy. So as I study hard and try to balance everything, please keep me in your special prayers and wait patiently for me to post photos! (I promise I will, as soon as I have a chance to put them on my computer).

Please also offer a special prayer for a special intention I have this week.

Thanks and God bless!

"We can roll the dice, not decide where they fall." - anonymous