Friday, October 29, 2010

In Gratitude for Many Blessings...

My goodness, I think I just set a record for the longest period of time not updating this blog since its inception. Apologies for my very extended silence! Sophomore year has been, shall we saya little intense? this semester. :) At the same time, though, it has been filled with so many countless blessings and reminders from our good God that even though we are so weak, HE is strong. And even when times seem stressful and there is too much to do, HE has everything under control. What beautiful lessons in trust He daily teaches me! How many opportunities He gives me to blossom as His daughter, and to appreciate all that I am learning here!

In prayer last night the Holy Spirit led me to meditate on Psalm 84. Why don't you dust off your bible and quietly ponder these holy words -- His words -- for a few moments?

Praising His glorious name, and begging that I may always add to His glory during my brief time here on earth!

Yours in Christ, through the intercession of Blessed Mother,


Mary Rose said...

Hello Sarah!

Yes, it has been quite awhile since you posted! I was beginning to think you had disappeared entirely. ;-)
It's very inspiring to hear about what the Lord is teaching you right now! I am going to look up Psalm 84 tonight. :)

Love and miss you!

Mary Rose~

P.S. If you have time, college pictures would be really neat to see *hint hint*. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sarah,

I just read the Psalm 84. It is indeed beautiful.

Thanks a lot.

Your friend Melba.